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“"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Chinese proverb

Our Team

Contramestre Graveto

Professora Batatinha

“The impossibility of one person completely capturing capoeira, yet its potential to be touched by anyone are part of the balance of power and beauty of this magical art.”

Mestre Accordeon

1943 - present

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Our Programs

Because Capoeira is composed of so many elements, our Capoeira curriculum is very broad and keeps our students engaged. We have three main programs based on the age of our practitioners:

Little Warrior Program (ages 4-6)

This class uses Capoeira as a tool to teach movement and rhythm to our youngest members. It involves lots of playing and learning through animal movements while slowly introducing other elements such as basic Portuguese, kicks , escapes and acrobatic sequences.

Junior Capoeirista Program (ages 7-12)

In this program we further develop the students’  understanding of Capoeira and its use as an application to other aspects of their lives. A greater emphasis is placed on developing their strength, flexibility, coordination and athleticism, while at the same time developing their musicality, language skills, leadership and self-confidence. Students will learn a variety of self-defense techniques, comprised of traditional Capoeira attacks, escapes, takedowns and acrobatics. Our older students also help develop their teaching skills by passing on their experience and knowledge to the newer students.

Teen /Adult Program (ages 13+)

Take our Junior Program and kick it up to 100! While the source material for the curriculum may be the same, the intensity of this class is definitely on another level. Using traditional as well as modern approaches to training, our practitioners push themselves beyond their perceived limits. Classes are designed to get the best out of each individual no matter their age, initial level of fitness, or experience in other sports/martial arts. Classes are broken up into fundamentals, conditioning, self-defense, acrobatics, music and traditions, sequences - all catered to the level of each student. In this way we are able to all train together and still be challenged.

“Capoeira is for men, women and children; the only ones who don’t learn it are those who don’t wish to.”

– Mestre Pastinha

South Texas Capoeira is a proud member of the International Capoeira Federation (ICAPF)
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Our Community

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Capoeira is beyond just martial arts. Take a look at just a few of the elements that make up our unique art form:

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Not in Brownsville, TX? Still want to learn Capoeira with our dynamic team? We got you covered!

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